Adagio Brew Boat

It’s that time of the year again, nights a drawing in, temperatures a dropping, so the fire’s on and the boat’s all cosy & warm. Time to brew some more beer – some of that Imperial Russian Stout:


Friday 30th September and by 1100, it was done. Fermenter all scrubbed and sterilised, 3 kg of “black goo” emptied into the bin plus brewing sugar and then the yeast. Airlock attached plus the electric heater (the orange band thing in the photo).



Come Saturday, not a lot happening, come Sunday morning and the “it takes between 24 & 48 hrs to start fermenting”, hadn’t happened. Still, this is a proper brew with proper brewer’s yeast and so we’ll have to wait n see!

Well at 47 hours and 40 minutes a few bubbles were seen. Several hours on from there – we have fermentation! Yes, those ickle bugs (microscopic fungus) are busy converting all that sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, yea! You too can listen with rapture at the bubbles . . . the sound of beer being made!