Moving On

Yes, Bank Holiday over, temperature records broken! Quite a scorcher and dozens of boaters chugging back to their moorings. Gail set off for North Kilworth wharf to get some work done on Monday and we stayed on, leaving 9 ish on Tuesday morning. Aiming to be nearish to Foxton (take on water, offload rubbish and er, take on beer).

Gail & Jess wave goodbye on Sleepy Otter.

With a cruising time of 5 hours scheduled for today – we have time to bake a loaf (3 hrs) and put the gammon on the slow cooker (5-6 hrs).  With the engine running we have up to 3kW of mains power. So everything gets plugged in to recharge too.

Excellent bit of kit – you can remove the top pan and brown dished first.

Here’s a happy Viv taking the helm with her new hair style.

Fairly quiet day for traffic – lovely scenery . .

Ubiquitous heron – this one just didn’t fly away or even move

Rolling hills – all the sheep were under a tree, chilling.

Skipper not scowling for once.

A rare Summer’s day in England – sheep grazing, oil seed rape (canola) and church spires.

Final mooring for the day – 100 yds before bridge 60 and the flight of staircase locks at Foxton.  Time to walk the dog down to Bridge 61 (otherwise known as the pub).  Meanwhile here are the results from the galley – one loaf (50/50 white/wholemeal) and that gammon joint (still £10 from Sainsbury’s):

Day Two – Staying Put

With temperatures soaring to the 20’s we decide to stay put. Solar energy keeping us topped up on the battery front plus Viv’s solar kettle providing us with 3 x boiling water for tea or washing up, brilliant.  We popped along to see our good friend and marina neighbour, Gail, for afternoon tea plus a walk around the little wood to keep Toby happy.

Not a lot of bluebells but some – it is an idyllic little wood

Gail and her dog Jess were moored just below bridge 27 so we stopped for afternoon tea.

Steve tried his best to photo some Bluebells – star filter again??

Meanwhile back to the perfect mooring – I think we’ll stay for another day or two


And . . . They’re Off!

Yes. And about time too. The weather’s set to change and the fire’s going out. Viv’s back from Wales today, which is “May the Fourth be with you” day and I’ve surprised her by getting the boat ready (pumped out & refuelled), so we can leave within the hour and at 1450, we did.

Where to? Well, it is the Bank Holiday weekend, so we’ll head out to our favourite spot – just after Bridge 27 at Elkington and stay put – and watch the Bank Holiday traffic go by. Friday was OK but Saturday – what a stream of boats: Huncamunca, Artful Dodger, Northern Soul, Good Company, Ophelia, English Rose, Northern Promise, Prudence, Nightjar, Amelia Rose, Oxford Landing, Atlas, Emily Rose, Blue Roan, Bueno Vito, Sylvia, Mr Toad, Ubique, ?, Summertime, Imladris, Mistral, Manatee, Witch & Anchor, Good Company, Iris, Granthams, ?, Pennine, Wandering Willy, Chiltern, Killowen, Wandering Willy, Mirror Blue, Enigmatic, Wrekin, Spurwing, Tess, Holopip, Mr Crabtree (twice).  Make that 42. In about 8 hours!!

A very tranquil spot – weather station up. Thermal kettle on & boiling too.

Time to pot up the tomato plants and re-do the peppers which have faltered in the so-so Summer but today and then next few days will see temperatures soar into the 20’s.

Steve in shorts – fields of rape and a very happy Toby, about to walk around his favourite woods.