Summer Cruise#2-Day 17

Gnosall to somewhere quiet – Flat Back bridge or No 47 seemed a good spot and it had rings too. And a bit like Hitchcock’s Birds, once we’d arrived several other boats arrived too, including a boat called “The Name’s Bond”. Owned and skippered by the delighful and very chatty, Neville Bond. And being a Welshman he had a rather odd thing on his bow (see pic later).  It was a very busy canal, with dredging boats and all manner of boats to’ing and fro’ing. Sometimes very straight and quite crowded with moored boats.


Neville’s boat


With his bovine figurehead


Deep cuttings means high and even double arches


Long straight Telford canal


At Knighton, Cadbury’s old yard – they now make Bird’s custard



 A quiet spot but it had its downside – a ledge – which kept bumping, freaking out the dog. Oh, such a brave bold doggie! Poor Toby. He went for a walk and refused to get back on!! Time to watch some Hyperdrive, the bed.