Mum’s 86th Birthday


We’re down in Whitstable for Mum’s birthday. We had a cruise down the river Stour on the Grove Ferry boat, a bit nippy but the sun was out and great fun was had by all. This was followed up with a meal at the Rose Inn at Wickhambreaux, lovely!






Another Blizzard – What’s Going On?

Yes another 2 weeks go by as we head into what should be Spring and lo, it came to pass, another artic blast – blizzards, gales and sub-zero temperatures! The Friday before all this it was extremely  mild and time to fit a new boat horn and give it a coat or 6 or lacquer.  I also lacquered me bear – not a phrase one hears too often:

Icicles hanging down in the entrance to Crick tunnel

Steve’s new boat horn (driven by an air compressor – supposedly 150dB) bit of a cheap chrome finish, so it gets totally lacquered

As does the bear!

Meanwhile, the view at 0800 today – more snow, more drifts . . .

Even a snow drift inside the boat, in the cratch

Toby’s not bothered – he goes kind of mental in the snow, rolling & squirming

Makes you shiver just looking at it!

Couldn’t see out of the windows

Went for a walk along the canal beyond bridge 23 – to find Hodmad’od!

Lots of big drifts on the towpath – there’s a Toby in there somewhere.

Hopefully this will all disappear this week & we can all get out!


Yes, winter came back this week. It was all forecast. Temperatures down to -8, gales making the wind chill as low as -15. Shed loads of snow. Yellow > Amber > Red warnings but folk still carried on . . . getting stuck for a day on a motorway, stuck on a train – so they got out and walked – on the electric track! Causing more delays as they had to switch off the power. Why don’t people read the weather forecast?!

Meanwhile we were all cosy on Adagio – the coal fire roaring 24/7, even had the Alde gas boiler switched to electric – just on the 1 kW setting – kept the boat from freezing at night. The marina froze over and the wind made the hull creak against the ice – not nice – gave it a wooden galleon feeling. Toby didn’t like it – nor did we. Wednesday to Saturday . .  hopefully it will all melt.

Boats are frozen in but a dog still needs a walk

Foggy start to the day – the snow has drifted quite badly

Not a soul moving today – someone bought himself a new Gill OS2 sailing jacket, just in time for all the sub zero temps.  Should also cope with whatever the weather throws at us when out on the Cut, chugging along.