Back in – for a bit

Yes, back in the marina for a while – Viv has a funeral to go and then we’ll be off for a longer summer cruise. Here’s a few pix that got left out.  For example – the new “throws” that cover the ghastly blue sofa, showing signs of wear after ten years.

And Steve’s new toy – his weather station.

He managed to put it on top of the boat and when we’re not chuggin along, it records all manner of meteorological magic – even things such as wind chill and evapotranspiration!

We paused for one night at the Welford junction

And then at Foxton – had to wait for a bit . . . so time for a beer

Viv tried to photograph some of the sheep – and there were lots of em about. Why don’t we see English lamb in the shops and why is it soooooo expensive??

We also paused for one night at bridge 33 . . .  next to . . .

Barry or “Baz the fish” on Blue Moon – out for a week or so to fish

Toby – still with his wonky ankle (arthritis we think) – enjoyed the trip

Meanwhile, back in the marina, they were electro fishing for the invasive Zander, free fish anyone?

10 day trip to Market Harborough & Back

Owing to a funeral next week of one of Viv’s old school friends, we’re not out for the Summer, not just yet but are doing a short trip to Market Harborough & back. Happily coinciding with Summer – for yes, the single figure temperatures melt away to give us values in the high twenties! So chance to do some boat cleaning &  polishing plus give those solar panels a rare treat – some sun! The new weather station in also lapping it up ( – recording all these new temperatures. Nice to see all the trees & plants beginning to bloom too – a whole month behind, we reckon. Steve is growing some peppers (again) – this time some lemon flavoured hot peppers, jalapeno and even the dreaded naga jolokia ones, hmm.

Chance to do, well, not very much. Met some nice, friendly boaters – Gll & Stuart on Auntie Rincal (fellow Yelvertofties) plus a chap on his own, John on Hermione. There’s a new Co-op halfway into town, which is nice and a visit to the Beerhouse is a must. So many nice shops and things to do – corset museum? Can you see a Toby, just peering out? He’s got a swollen ankle – arthritis? So only short walks for him. Had a great lunch in the market at the Master Dim Sum – a very small but very efficient dim sum cafe – scoring the #1 spot in Harborough for restaurants, which is good going since it only opens 10-5, when the market is open. In the evening we had some beers at Beerhouse (again) and then an excellent takeaway from Rainbow – good old TripAdvisor does help! The best spare ribs ever (garlic & chilli “hot hot” but nice).

Friday,  off at 9. Up thru Foxton – had to wait for some boats to come down – so, a pint of Inclined Plane in the Bridge 61 pub then. Such hardship. Up at the top and moored for the night – Not quite as blisteringly hot as yesterday (28 inside & out). A nice 22-24.

Saga Tour – Leicester & Watermead Park

The weather this year has been truly awful. And it remains so even though we now enter April. Everything seems a month behind with daffodils just reaching full bloom. Today was the only non-rainy and maybe sunny day of the week so we headed off to Watermead park on the outskirts of Leicester. Chance for Toby to have a good walk and a swim plus for us, a look at the river Soar at Birstall & Thurmaston locks – still on “red” as the river is in flood.

We do a large circular walk from the south car park, clockwise around the park, the river Soar and the two locks. It was very pleasant – no need for a coat! First time this year.

Toby gets quite a few swims

This is Birstall lock – the red warning clearly visible.

No boat traffic

At Thurmaston, it all seems very tranquil but the lock sign still shows red

On for some shopping in Leicester – in the market “everyfing-a-pahn-ed” – bought some peppers. cucumbers, ginger, parsley, limes . . . and then had a snack!

Busy now, getting the boat & us ready for the off. B pontoon looks a little empty as boaters head for the canals