Summer Time

British Summer Time has started. The reeds are growing; the birds are singing and it’s time to prep the wee ship for the Summer Cruise.

But where shall we cruise? Plan A is to return to the Llangollen – only cruised on a hire boat some, ooh, thirty years ago?

So, here’s the plot . . .

See Canalplan website for details

Ignore the dates but it should start soon. One idea is to cruise the Llangollen plus a diversion down the Montgomery Canal. And then go back to the Trent & Mersey and down the Anderton Lift to the River Weaver – hiding away during the school summer holidays.

Anderton Lift

River Weaver

Old Friends Return

John, Christine & Tilly came up for the day – for lunch, for walkies and for afternoon tea. They used to be our close neighbours on Poppy Eyebright and have returned to since the land – being closer to their ever growing family – how many grandchildren?

It was great to spend the day with them:

A return to Jubilee Park & Millennium Wood
The stars of the show – Tilly & Toby
The other stars – twinkling, John . .
and Christine
Lots of action photos – both dogs keen to be outside & enjoying the rather lovely sunny day
The “part collie” dog shows thru here – throw ball, throw ball!
I don’t need a ball – I’m freeeeeeeeeee!
It was jolly nice weather and good fun seeing our old neighbours again. A grand lunch at the Wheatsheaf, a grand walk and then afternoon back on the boat.
Grand day out indeed