Storm Hannah

They were right. Heavy rain and blustery winds of > 40 mph ! Perhaps not the best place to moor – on an open landscape, on a vast open expanse of water – Napoleonic weather = we’re all gettin Blown-apart (geddit?). Serendipitously, there’s a superb farm shop back at the Great Haywood junction, so Steven strolled off, all togged up in his Gill Ocean sailing rig and a big bag to glean some goodies from the shop – 3 sorts of black pudding (one in fact a white pudding), bread from their bakery and dry cured, double smoked bacon plus local honey and other “essentials”. I was chatting to a lady from the boat “Old English” who keeps bees and has her own honey – might be worth a visit later. There is a small glimmer of sushine, so the batteries make get some comfort.

Nice day for it