Once more unto the breach

We left Whixall marina, having taken on water – so our boat is now over half a tonne heavier, what with refuelling yesterday. Only 100 litres went in, so our “mpg” is around 1.4 litres per hour, not too bad. It was still drizzling. We rejoined the main canal and just missed the lift bridge, 45, as a boat had just gone through and blow me, if they started to drop the bridge as we approached – not a polite thing. Maybe they were in a hurry (nb Dipper). Anway we tooted ( a lot) and they raised the bridge to let us through – we said we’d go on and do the next one (for there are five of these today!). They were to get their comeuppance later!

Despite the light rain, it was a delightful cruise
We reached lift bridge 42 and cordially raised it and let Dipper through. They sailed off, almost never to be seen again, apart from sauntering off from the next two lift bridges just as we got there! On passing through Whitchurch, a hire boat called out “I hope you’re not going far, as there’s been a breach and it could be two or three weeks!” – oh-oh. And lo, when we got to Grindley Brook it was strangely quiet. No boats. And the locks all tied off and locked up.
We spun the boat and moored just up from the locks.
So there you have it. The canal level was raised (wonder why?) and started to wash away at the bank. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they’ll let boats through and if not how long it’ll take. So, Dipper and everyone else is going nowhere!