Elastic Trickery & the crew from Empress


Here’s our quiet mooring for a few days – but what has Toby seen?


There’s the sound of a Rushton Hornsby 2-stroke engine coming our way. It can’t be? It can be. It is . . . Simon & Toby2 on Empress.

Simon’s done about 3/4 of the Leicester ring and decided to moor up behind us.

Time for a celebration – Cava, vino & Thai green curry plus ice cream! And a screening of Dr Strange, in 3D no less. Well, you have to push the boat out sometimes!

Sunday – time for a long circular walk with Viv & the dog. Down to the river Anker (swim, swim?) and round up to Tuttle Hill and close to the spoil heap from the quarry, quaintly named Mount Judd. Nice views back to our boats.

There’s Simon’s  Empress with Adagio round the corner. Lots of solar today – with the new fuse, it seems we are getting much much power now and the voltage seems to go a lot higher, meaning both gauges now increment and reached 100% in the afternoon – brilliant.  Might move on tomorrow or not.

Here’s a view looking back over the marina from bridge 27.