Cruising in Company – Day 5

This is the end of the Oxford Canal – a brief bit of the Coventry Canal, then a right turn into the Ashby Canal. A stop at Trinity marina for shopping & lunch, then on to Stoke Golding.

You do get to see some strange sights along the canal – this is the boatyard at Charity Dock.

Only an hour or so along this canal and then a rather sharp right turn … John did very well  at the Marston turn, into the Ashby Canal

And on, into the Ashby

Straight away, it gets quiet and rural … and shallow!

Viv spotted this large example of bracket fungus

And this …  a black duck? (Black East Indian?), near Hinckley.

and the ever present horde of ducklings … 

We passed a nice little marina – with these signs – must copy it & print some off

Progress was slow but who’s in a hurry. The canal was very narrow in places but always gentle & rural.  We neared Stoke Golding, passing the wharf with the hire boat company and moored just past bridge 26.

A brief stroll with the dogs brought us to the quaint village of Stoke Golding and our favourite pub – the George & Dragon. Owned by the Church End brewery it always has about 6 of its own beers on as well as homemade (giant) sausage rolls, scotch eggs and pies! On this time was April Fuel – a 3.9% light beer with citrus/grapefruit flavours … . lovely! We plan to stay here another day!!