Nearly the end of the week ashore

A cooler day today – Friday – and the end is in sight! All the major paintwork has been completed.  Gary has done an excellent job on the blacking and Viv & I have had a go at the grey enamel paint above the waterline – 2 coats and it’s not too bad – “a blind man would be pleased to see it” as our old friend in Devizes used to say.


Two coats of black – including the rudder and weed box – got Viv’s national flag flying and yes, we do still live aboard. Weird being about 5 feet higher up and it doesn’t wobble.


This was after one coat.


And this is the finished article – good as new (almost). Two coats of grey. Could do with a third – we’ll see if the weather holds (rain today) and if we can really be bothered! Knowing what a bashing it’ll get in the years to come.


The stern tunnel flashing gets a coat or two of red and we’ve had two extra sacrificial anodes welded amidships, this stops the erosion of the boats metal surface.


Final job is to get that dripping stern gland done and Justin Green from  JG Marine (Braunston bottom lock) is coming over later today to sort that.

Then it’s back in the water on Monday, hurrah. And plan A is to go out for a short sortie with Poppy Eyebright – bridge 27 and beyond!