The Summer Cruise – Day One

Yes, it’s Liverpool or Bust! Off we go with no real agenda or itinerary – just a date – to be at a certain bridge on the 7th July! Until then, it’s go as we please. Day One is Yelvertoft to Braunston. We had planned to get thru Braunston and moor at some nice Armco moorings just beyond the town – somewhere quiet. However our 0925 departure was a tad tardy, for when we reached the Watford filght of locks – we were in a queue & had to wait nigh on 2 hours before we even started the flight down. Viv was at the helm & Steve did all the hard work of operating the locks. We set off in fog . . couldn’t even see the top of the wind turbine

But the sun soon came out and it really did heat up, Summer at last?

Look our boat is sooooooo big it doesn’t fit in the frame . .

Viv’s at the helm – slightly apprehensive but very competent

A view looking up the flight of staircase locks

A nasty turn here but Viv did this better than me!

Finally, after a long day but a very pleasant one, we passed on thru Braunston and reached the secluded mooring.