Summer Cruise#2 – Day 8 R&R

Rain is forecast. Rest is required. Pub lunch promised to crew.

Lazy day. Viv derusts her magnetic hooks in the cratch and paints em with Hammerite.

Some cleaning, polishing, plus Steve checks his little black knob – bit suspect that it is not working as we’ve had no TV for a week.

Not really wanted any but be nice to know if it is kaput. But no, the multimeter checked its continuity and it bleeped so thats OK.

Oh, and lunch in the Tom of the Wood. They do snacks which is good as a lot of their mains were around £12. Nice modern but cosy place.

Walk down to the strange and convoluted Kingswood junction, where the Grand Union branches to the Stratford.

Pictures tomorrow maybe.

More rain.

Playing Killers on the bluetooth speaker . . . . Are we human or just dancer?

Time  for a round of nine spot dominoes!  Brace yourself David – its a £1 a point!😉

So far so good. No sign of the West Country gribble. 

Batteries holding up 91%, today, which is nice.

Blue Bell Cider house and Wedge’s bakery tomorrow.