Summer Cruise#2-Day 40


Another day in Brum. Time to do some shopping – Viv for food in Sainsbury’s Local, me on the bike to Conley’s wine shop (for some Shetland Reel Ocean Mist gin) and then to the Western Arcade for some pipe tobacco. Discovered the Indian brewery (and street food but no dogs!). We dragged poor Toby around the place again – looked at Brindley 3 building – trying to work out if the clock had real bells and what was the tune they played – still no idea. The Sicilians were on their way and had done a very long day coming up all the locks to Brum. They moored at the bottom of Farmer’s Bridge locks – one of the dingiest, grimiest places but enough for one day. I cycled down to see em & sampling one of Stephen’s 100 or so gins on board. We’ll help them up the remaining locks on Saturday morning.

Here’s the Brindley building

And Saturday morning . . . Two’s Company coming up the flight . .

They all got going at 0830 . . . Stephen gets itchy feet  . . .

Not easy to pass boats coming the other way

Helping this nice chap on Whitstable, a single-hander

Strange mixture of cultures here with the ancient canals; the Post Office tower straddling the canals and offices/restaurants overlooking the rather dingy area. Still it’s better than when we came thru here last – about 30-40 years ago!

In the evening we planned to stroll out, have a few beers then find a suitable Indian restaurant – here’s Stephen & Lucia, all dressed up!


After a rather long walk to the Vaults and an embarrassing encounter with their contrary landlord who threw us out – no dogs, despite having been there 3 times before with our dog! Brewdog, round the corner were much more accommodating. The back to the Celebrities Indian restaurant, near Gas Street Basin (early bird meal, 3 courses for £13.95 and jolly good it was too)