Summer Cruise#2-Day 34/5


Lazy Sunday morning. Slipped around 10. Through Cowley tunnel and down the last few miles of the Shroppie. Take on water and dispose of rubbish at Wheaton – also a good time for a shower, plenty of hot water and more water being taken on.

Through the only lock, busy, busy! And on to “Brood”, same mooring as before.

Wonderful scenery through the cuttings

But cuttings do mean no drainage and lots of mud, plus the odd shoe

Viv peeps out to admire the view – Steve is now sitting on the roof driving

Final mooring spot – pretty much same space as last time

Just down from twodelightful boats – one was selling plants – lots of interesting herbs such as Vietnamese coriander and Caribbean thyme

Back to the Bridge Inn and that notice board!

Quite a neat idea too! Proper industrial machines and only £3 a wash and £1.50 dry. All done in less than 2 hrs. Perfick.

Dogs catered for too

Nice friendly place

But better choice of beers in the Swan in town plus a re-visit to the butchers – they make their own pies (pastie + game pie) plus do all their own bacon, brilliant.