Summer Cruise#1 – Day 6?


 Getting a bit behind here, what with staying put from Friday thru to Monday morning but it was soooo nice to not to move when it was soooo hot. And being a weekend a lot of the world chugged by but not us, neither Hodma’dod nor Twelve and a bit moved at all.  Anyway, Monday came and we all moved off. We met up at the Rugby visitor moorings (not very welcoming – toilet block all boarded up and only just room to fit in for water), where the crew of all boats tramped off to Tesco’s et al,

Not as well taken as David’s from Hodma’dod but here’s my bridge 69 pic!
More of bridge 69 – seen better days . . .
All stop at the Rugby visitor mooring for water and vittles . . . (i.e. more gin!)
Ooh, look, another Adagio!
The lovely avenue of trees at All Oaks Wood – a great place to stop but we didn’t and couldn’t as it was stuffed full of “permies”, so we chugged on.
I actually like this straight bit – under the M6 and then along by the railway line plus you get some odd flora – here there be Butter Burrs!
Is he enjoying this? Well, vest, shirt and two tops on! Def. a change in the weather.
Our destination – Ansty. Here’s a view from the pub garden – we did’t, nay couldn’t go in as they don’t allow dogs in. It is a rather foodie place and doubtless fantastic but not for us.
Hmm, Steven tries out the star filter on the camera. It will take a lot to enhance Ansty in our opinion. Somewhat highly coloured by our non beer experience.

With the engine running we can use many electrical appliances (up to 3.5 kW!) and one of our favourites is the Slow Cooker – here is the Morphy Richards one, note how the heater/controller fits neatly inside – handy to pack on a boat.


And here it is unpacked. The pan is removable – handy for using on the hob to brown meat and get things boiling and also for washing too.

. . . producing a beef curry (cooked for 6 hours!). No need to brown the meat or do any frying – all the meat, onions, potatoes and sauce goes in at the start – bring to the boil and set for 6 to 8 hours.

Captain’s Log 1700 10/04/2017: 11 miles + 4.5 engine hours