Ripping Riparian Ride!

Definitely some money around – lots of simply super riverside properties, complete with boats.  We even saw one where they were all playing croquet. More warm weather and some high speed runs along Father Thames … Goring, Abingdon … superb and so different from the hard work of the K&A.

Nearly all the locks here are huge and keeper operated. So nice to hand your lines to the chappie (or chappete!) and let him control the boat.

Sometimes they see you coming and the gates magically open as you arrive. Cushty.

Oxford Uni boat house!

Every skipper needs a mate! And I’ve got my Viv – really enjoying the river cruise.  The high(er) speeds caused some leakage from our water stern gland but not much (Steve does fret about everything) . . back on the canal system this will probably stop, since the skipper won’t be calling for warp factor 9 any more.

One of those magical locks. Each has a keeper and each keeper has their own cottage – nice!  This is Days lock … we sought an overnight mooring just up from here . . not ideal as our boat didn’t quite fit. .

We’re very close to Dorchester and Chris popped off for an evening stroll (Oer, I just checked – despite it’s size it does have 3 pubs) whilst Viv prepared her River Cobbler, mash, cabbage & corn on the cob!

A relaxed brother with his never-ending G&Ts (we did get through 2.5 litres of gin!!)

Head of the River and nearly in Oxford . .

Squeezing down the Sheepwash channel and into the first narrow lock of the trip (Isis Lock)

This proved to be close to the station (for Chris’s departure on Saturday)  but a bit tooooo close for a good night’s sleep as the marshalling yard is nearby and they rev up at 3 in the morning – avoid!!!