Remedial Painting

One of the reasons for heading home in August was to do some remedial paintwork – the non-slip grey on the gunwales needed doing . . . but, it kept raining… so a week or two later . . . we get a dry day! So off to bridge 27, or just before. Masking tape & non-slip paint on the port side – chug along to bridge 28 and the winding hole – turn her around and then repeat for the starboard side!

the “before” picture – looks like double yellow lines! Can you spot the wee doggie?
More “before” pix
And an “after” photo – not concerned about the edges, just the main non-slip. The main enamel will get done when we black the boat in September.
Another after photo, this time showing Viv preparing to repaint the barge pole
Nice shiny “after” photo
this gives you some idea of the nice spot where we are painting – time to walk Toby around the pocket woods . . .
I tried to get a piccie of the boat through the trees from the woods
Well, Toby enjoys the trip around his favourite woods – I think we even saw a Squirly!! Rain forecast tomorrow