Guests queuing up

Well, it’s now July and we’ve had the odd weekend on board – just to get away from the house. Done some chores … Viv’s painted the roof boxes, I’ve done some rust painting and have now installed the wireless remote thermostat programmer for the boiler.  We have new neighbours, Chris & Louise on Nog – a nice boat. A lot of friends, work colleagues and family all due to visit with us over the next 2 months  … Rachel, Bob & Rhys this weekend, then it’s the big 80th do for my Dad on the 24th. Then we’ve Jenny & Penny and Anne-Marie & Pierre coming over in August … all go.

September 12th will see us on board and getting ready for the big trip, off on the 13th to Yelvertoft.  Goodbye to Devizes – which has been a smashing marina and a great town to visit.

Day trip to Devizes

Just a quick 24 hr trip to the boat – weather looked good – in fact Sunday it went Scorchio! Got the satellite dish working OK. Walked down to the Vaults pub on Saturday – always interesting beers. A short chug down to town on Sunday (30 mins each way) plus a tricky wind (3-point turn!).  The canal seemed very oily – there was a lot of rain on Saturday …


Early Thursday morning, Adagio is re-launched and actually floats (well, I was worried – but they have done this before!)

Adagio Re-launched – nice bottom!

4 days later, Adagio is re-launched back into the marina.  The hull has been scraped, scrubbed and pressure-washed and then several coats of bitumen applied – many thanks to Alex Roker (07595027310) for his hard work and very approachable manner. Here’s 2 pix of the stern (with that Axiom propeller) and the bow (with a view through the bowthruster):




Lots of mussels and detritus to be cleaned off … back on Thursday for the re-launch.

Me and my neighbour, Beryl, look on as the boat is whisked up the ramp!

Beryl leaves her boat New Era this week for a new life (at 84!) on dry land.  She only started living on board at 80. A keen lass indeed and we’ll miss her.

Her boat is on sale via Devizes marina:

Bank Holiday – Liveaboard

It’s the late May Bank Holiday and we’re onboard, ostensibly to drive the boat over to the yard for re-blacking on Monday.  Chance to sample the delights of The Vaults beer & cider festival (twice!), check out the George & Dragon in Rowde (awfully nice). And also try at just living on board without driving the boat anywhere.

On Sunday we walked along the canal from Seend to Gile’s wood – nice  stretch with plenty of boats and a fishing competition.

Toby got to have a swim & we saw a swan family, complete with wee cygnets.

The boat gets its hull re-blacked tomorrow – hopefully I’ll get to video it being trailered out of the marina!

A section of the canal had a storm of flowers cascading down from the trees, giving a surreal passage through the sunlight. Beautiful.

Bank Holiday Outing to Wootton Rivers & Back

Stopping at the quirky Barge Inn, Honeystreet…


..where the new owners were very busy on this warm Bank Holiday weekend. They had trouble getting the beer pumped through and we ended up with 3 samples of their beer . .  hmm, nice! (1810, Croppie and London Pride)


But it all goes very quiet after sundown on the canal


Here’s Adagio moored very handily for the pub


There are some lovely boats (and some not so lovely!) – this one’s called Chasing Ducks


Passing Lady’s Bridge (1793 Lady Susannah Wroughton) attributed to Rennie


And then into a small lagoon called Wide Water, with some unusually-decorated boats.. and the usual patient heron




Plenty of wildlife … ducks with their young chicks . .  always keen to pick up your breadcrumbs.  Viv even bought a cheap loaf just for them.



Lots of blossom out


And a weird experience of sailing through a storm of tree pollen/flowers? (See video).

Viv enjoyed driving and is getting more confident


A very calm trip.  No roads, no trains … oh, a few planes did interrupt the journey:


But it was serene! And good weather.


Wootton Rivers – awfully nice village, mainly adorned with thatched cottages  – even the Royal Oak:

More pix from the Day Trip

I popped round to see David & to collect his photos on a USB stick:

The K & A canal gets quite narrow and shallow on this stretch

And quite busy as we follow, oddly enough the wide beam boat that was moored alongside Adagio in Pooles wharf in Bristol.  They were having a hard time moving that beastie along

Plenty of wildlife

and a relaxing pipe

Our final destination was Honeystreet

a very scenic stretch of canal