3rd Day of Liveaboard – Fog!

No, it’s not a dirty lens but the view from our window

Spent the morning in Market Harborough, shopping – vital supplies (gin and bottled water for my beer kit) plus food and a poker for the fire. Found that amazing butchers in the centre of the town: http://www.batesbutchersmarketharborough.co.uk/ they sell a fantastic variety of meat – we picked up some cooking chorizo and morcilla (the spanish black sausage) plus some belly of pork – so it’s a big garbanzo stew tonight. Probably going to visit the Knightley Arms in the village as it’s under new management – they’ve put their beer list on a board outside – good move – Woodforde’s Wherry will entice us in.

The place is getting better – still  a bit stuffed but we can sit down now

The USB aerial connects us to the marina’s wifi. Viv’s keeping tabs on the expenditure, as things is a bit tight. Still we have a big bowl of fruit and some very fat ducks keep walking up the pontoon …

Toby’s very happy – 3 or 4 walks a day … winter draws on . .  it’s nearly 5 and getting dark.We’re experimenting with switching off the shore power and relying on solar during the day but little hope of seeing the sun today!

Liveaboards at Last

Well, we spent a week cleaning and clearing the house. Lizzie & Charlie are our lovely new tenants – we met up on Friday morning, signed the papers and left!  Goodbye Blagdonia – hello Yelvertoft.

Sooooooooo much stuff! But time to walk Toby up Cracks Hill in the sunshine.

This is the marina looking back down from the Hill:

Friday night saw us eating out at the Wheatsheaf in Crick – wonderful food & a good variety of beers too. Saturday saw more unpacking & stowing it all away. The marina had a big party – it’s Hallowe’en! We were totally shattered but thought we ought to pop in for a bit …

A lot of the boaters had definitely got in the mood …

They even had their own band … plus 3 barrels of real ale, food and fun!

Today, Sunday, it’s now November but the sun’s out & the solar panels are soaking it up.  Looks like we’ve finally got everything stowed … how many inches are we down in the water??

Next week is chill time – getting used to this new life and shopping for food and bits for the boat . .  always bits for the boat! Still we have our Glencadam to keep us warm – cheers!

Nearly straight inside …

Last night in Blagdonia

Well, this is it. House all empty. Sitting on garden chairs eating what’s left in the fridge. Ron’s been feeding us G&T’s. Dog’s looking at us wondering what’s going on. End of an era after twenty years of being down ‘ere in Zummerset.

Penultimate Weekend

Off to the boat this Friday – taking the old TV & Sat box back up as a neighbour is keen to have it plus I’m taking a car load of stuff … then it’s back to clean house – paint bits of house … big hand over on Friday 30th, the girls move in and then . . so long, farewell … wish me luck as you wave me goodbye … we’re off to a life afloat. More on that story later.

Most of our possessions are either in the local tip, someone else’s problem or sitting stacked up in our lean-to. Ebay & PayPal have made a fortune out of our sales!  Still it’s been good to shed so much accumulated junk from the last 20+ years.  Anyone want a red leather 3 piece suite??

Thought I’d take a few early pix before a single soul stirred and spoiled the flat glass-like surface of the marina. Looks like a good day for painting!

If all goes well we’ll be on board permanently at the end of October

Back on board

Just a quick visit to bring more “stuff”.
The house is slowly emptying, this time the TV, sat box and dvd played came up. The old Sony 26" plus Humax box will be up for sale when I get back. I also brought all the beer brewing kit up, got a nice American Pale Ale to brew next month, when hopefully we move on board. 30th looks like the date. Most of me chores done – fire’s on and we’re all cosy. Remedial painting tomorrow.
Home Sunday or Monday.

End of the wee holiday

We moved to Welford junction, some 3 hours from Foxton. Rain was forecast so we left after lunch and it did chuck it down later that night and ALL next day. Well it is was Bank Holiday Monday. The plan was to do some of that remedial painting but no, it wasn’t to be. We thought we could stay another day and wait for some dry weather but having to run the engine, we’d might as well get on and go back to the marina – only 3 hrs away … so we did … in the drizzle.

We got back to Yelvertoft at 4, just in time to queue for the service pontoon! Just a refuel (some 160 litres!), then back in our slot.  Home again.

We packed up on Tuesday and went back to the house … more prospective tenants looming – hopefully we’ll back at the boat soon and this time … for good!