November mini break

Hello Chaps
Well, we normally go away for my birthday … somewhere warm – last year it was Cuba but this year, nope.
So I said Let’s go up to the boat … I’m up here for the week “doing boat things”
Such as repairing my Squirrel – yes, you guessed it’s having problems with locked nuts.
I broke the glass door and it also doesn’t seem to shut properly . . so I’ve got the bits but lack the wherewithal, as usual . .
I’ve also got the change the engine oil . . sounds straightforward . .
Viv joins me on Friday – coming up by train.
It was 8 degrees when I came on board today but with the gas central heating on and the Squirrel burning logs n coal, we’re up to 19 now
And very cosy it is too.
The Wi-Fi is so cr*p in this marina, that I’m having to sit up in the cratch and write this – only place there’s a signal.
Still a chance for a smoke and a new euphemism – my cratch is smoking! How’s yours?
Brief Howdy to the Cardiff girls – I’ve got 1 kg of Caerphilly maturing nicely and over 1 kg of little Bries going nice and fluffy – in a nice way, too
Must try and carry on this cheese lark – it’s very rewarding!
Well no TV tonight as after 2 hours of “playing” with the Sat dish and sat box, I give up …
Apparently, it’s got to point at TWO satellites at once 28.2 and 28.5 degrees E … .invalid postcode errors …so back to me book & scotch then . .
Hopefully I’ll get time to take some piccies too.