Moving On – Grim Day

We stayed put for a few days, then moved up, just two locks, inbetween locks 9 & 10. Just for a change of view and to be 2/11 locks done. Last time we were here, at Easter, the pound kept dropping as the lock gates were leaky. This time it seemed OK – the next lock up was leaking, so that’s alright then. We think the whole network is getting worse – it’s creaking and what will become of it when the government money finally dries up?

An amazing sunset – with rain!

Saturday was a grim day. Viv set off for the town, to do some shopping on her own. Steve was to join her an hour or so later for luncheon in the Red Lion Hotel – they allow dogs in the courtyard, do good food and stock Goat’s Milk beer! Grim? Well, on walking past lock 8, there were police gathered round as a lady boater had fallen in . . . and hadn’t come out. They couldn’t lower the ground paddle . . . so that’s probably where she was – very sad. Lots of fire engines, ambulances and even the air ambulance arrived. I walked on. None of the CRT volunteers had be told, so I wandered up and told them the grim news.

I didn’t linger – the boat was called Liberty and the boaters were in their 70’s. Very sad.
The Red Lion was great, if the mood was a bit subdued. We didn’t feel like rushing back, past that scene again, so we moved round to the CAMRA famous pub, the Angel – Steve had a pint of Hairy Helmet (yes, really) and Viv, rather unusually, chose a medium cider. Toby was fed several biscuits and had his own bowl of water.
The pub had a few signs . . .
Not true, surely? Well, not yet . . . .
Quite a splendid place with six real ales and about 10 ciders. They also have a big collection of LPs or vinyl as they now call it.
That was Saturday – we listened to James Burke on the wireless, now 82 but recalling the exciting times of the Apollo missions where he was one of the presenters. Sunday morning and time to move . . up through the 9 remaining locks
Yes, we were Inside No 9!
Bit of a poignant moment as Viv crosses over the top of lock 8
Some flowers were left – we donated one of Viv’s roses
Boat still looks a bit shiny
Toby & his pig
Goodbye lock 8
Lots of helpers around today; both CRT volunteers and private boats who saw us coming and helped us through.
Viv gets to do the locks which always includes a good natter with the vollies
Less than 3 hours to Springwood Haven – a very familiar spot – remember we spent a week in the marina here on the way out, getting that alternator fixed.
Staying put for a few days whilst this heatwave passes thru. This was our second spot as the first one had some wasps nesting by the hatch!