Marbury – Little Gem

We decided to rise early and get going by 0800, and lo, it came to pass. Soooooo quiet! Can this really be the Golli? Well. It IS so different from the the other week when there are boats going by from 0600 until dark! Today, we didn’t pass a single moving boat, idyllic. We moved on down the Llangollen canal, thru the three locks – Povey, Willey Moor & Quoisley to Marbury…..

Meanwhile, last night we went back to the Horse & Jockey – be a shame not to really . . last night here after all! More tapas & beer. What a swell pub.
Glad to have moved to the bottom of the locks . . and glad to say goodbye to Grindley Brook
So, early Friday morning, 21st June . . . we moved off . . .
We were feeling a bit as if we had a bit of a cold so I volunteered to wind the locks and Viv drives . .
Beautiful & empty canal
Povey lock
Viv slides in seamlessly
Willey Moor lock & pub . . . aren’t we going in, says Toby? Noo it’s only 0830!!
More seamless driving from the Admiral
Here’s the book view – travelling, right to left, from the S to just beyond Marbury
Approaching Quoisely lock – looks lovely
This was meant to be a boater’s tip about staying in front of the cill when descending locks but it turned out to be an arty photo . .
Arrived at Marbury . . . and this is as far as we can go. The lock paddles were all padlocked.
I think we are No 6 in the queue – there were 10 by the end of the day with a lot more expected!
Well, there could be compensations . . . .
Steve did cycle off, as is his wont, to see the breach and the mooring options in Wrenbury – they do seem prepared for the Monday expedition. Very few boats at Wrenbury.
They were still shovelling in rocks on the brook side . . . but left quite soon (well, it is a Friday afternoon)
Around about 4 – we sauntered off to see this Swan pub
Opposite were some lovely houses
Quite a smart village with a lovely church with well kept gardens
With a large Mere – a very scenic spot
They forgot to add “don’t even think of even looking in this direction” – shame cos Toby fancied a swim
A truly beautiful spot . . .
As was the Swan! In fact I’d go as far to say, the very best pub we have yet to come across. Bought and refurbished by the owner just over a year ago. Such a lovely arrangement of flower beds and inside was exquisite too. Excellent array of beers and ciders plus a very interesting food menu . . . we’ll be back . . . tomorrow and maybe Sunday too!