Long Haul & Lockkeepers Rest


Friday, time to leave Stoke Lock and on to Nottingham and then after a lunch stop at Sainsbury’s, on to Sawley. A seven hour day – not our M.O. anymore but we’d like to get to Sawley before the weekend rush and besides, Dave’s micro pub is open!

The birdsong at Stoke was wonderful – not sure what they were but here’s a few minutes . . . answers on a postcard . .

Our place on the Sawley cut – same as a week ago

Just behind us are a load of permanent moorings – with threats of £150 a day charges! Scare tactics from CRT. Why do they do this? They did promise they’d do away with online moorings as it wastes space for visitors but then they realised it’s money. They can charge upwards of £1,000 a year for these moorings and that’s on top of the licence. End result . . . visitor moorings jampacked – permies – empty! Does make I livid!!

Empty spaces! Below the cafe open early for Sunday breakfasts – nextdoor to the micro pub.

Looking back to the double locks, pub & cafe.

View from . . . the pedestrian bridge – shows the car park behind with the facilities – good toilets & showers, all well kept. Rubbish, elsan & water here too.

A short walk along the Trent brings you to the Erewash canal (see blog passim) and two old timer boats

And an arty shot in B&W, doesn’t quite come off with the van in the background.

Busy day, Sunday. Lots of boat movements – here’s a widebeam, Jane Away11

Meanwhile, we bought some duck food and have been feeding the insistent little beggars for days