Some folk have asked what the boat looks like inside … so here’s some pix.  Could’ve been titled … living in a corridor . .

View looking out of the stern – kind of “engine room”, plus washing machine & storage.

 About turn from the last one, looking forward . .  the main bedroom.

and then on thru the bathroom . . proper water-flushing loo and full-size shower . .

on into the galley, all nice granite surfaces, gas (fan) oven & grill, filtered water . . hatch that opens out onto the outside world …

onwards to the dining area – also makes up a double bed

A nice writing desk – with a space for the ship’s mascot, underneath.

looking further forwards, bespoke fitted sofa with TV .

and finally, looking forward to the Morso Squirrel stove and the doors out onto the front of the boat. This area is called the cratch and there’s a nice cover for this … so we can sit out but in …

And the dog likes it up here too …

 when he’s not playing Houdini! Unfortunately, he tries to jump ship every time we have a bump or a change in engine noise. At one point he got on the front with Viv and ran thru the boat, jumping off the back!  I hope he’ll learn that this is all “normal” and settle down.