Heatwave, now Storms

There’s something wrong with the weather, for sure. We did a short and dismal trip from Hawkesbury to Ansty. Enough to charge the batteries but lower the mood – it was getting wet so we stopped. The M69 was noisy but it was a fair mooring with rings.

Now, tell me, honestly, would you plan to cruise, navigate through Braunston, do 6 big locks with this forecast???
the only pic for Sunday . . . spots of rain already as we waited to negotiate the Hawkesbury turn
Conversely, Monday was forecast to be dry, sunny & warm. This shows the North Oxford canal in all its glory – all the Butterburs!
A family of swans
One of the disued arms that the canal used to follow before it got straightened out.
Steve drives – sun cream on!
Had a bit wait to enter the Newbold tunnel
Viv captures some of the many blue/black damsel flies
Around Rugby and towards Barby moorings
Where we see Mark on his boat & new sheds
Very busy
Very pretty section
And we popped in to Dunchurch to get some fuel (79p/litre)
A long day – nearly 7 hours but we were keen to press on in the nice weather, to get to just beyond Willoughby and bridge 87. Under the trees for coolness..
A great spot
Nice view – no roads, trains . . . dark clouds coming
And very, very busy . . .