Day 71 – Yelvertoft

Yes, it’s Sunday 14th August and we’ve done 417 miles and 2.25 furlongs (at least) plus 206 locks – know back at “home” in the marina. An early start at 0805, chugged up to the Watford flight of locks and there was just one boat waiting. So fairly soon we were on our way through the last of the locks.  Touch n go as one of the big wooden beams on the first staircase lock had been broken! Wasn’t reported but the CRT guy said they just found it like that on Wednesday morning . . hmm, could’ve been “how many people can we get standing on this beam?”

day71a day71b

Back before midday! The wonderful marina manager, Neil, was there to greet us. Well, to take £133 of us for fuel, pump out and cards for the electric! Everyone was keen to ask how we’d got on. Which was nice. Absolutely shattered now so time to do a very small amount of essential boat stuff then . . . take it easy.

The end of the odyssey for 2016?