Day 7 – staying put

Very cold start today – temperatures went down to zero (-0.9 in fact) and there was a ground frost. Supposed to be very sunny later as we need the solar juice to top up the batteries. Boats – bl@@dy boats – always sommit to do – fix, repair, replace . . .today, it was the loo. It stopped working. Macerate it would not. Hmm. No option but to take it apart . . . to quote Spike Milligan ” there were Richards everywhere”! It seemed to be all scaled up. So I took the offending bits apart and let em soak in descale stuff. Several hours later, it all went back together and it was happy & working. It took quite a few hours more for the pong to go and to hose Steven down!! Just lucky we hadn’t planned to move on today & that we are near services. And lo, the sun did come out and dozens of those amperes came flooding in.

What next??? And no, I don’t think you want any photos of today’s adventures!