Day 60 – Stoned Again

Yes, we’re back in Stone for a few days.

One of those, shall we, shan’t we, days? With all the moored boats here we thought we’d better get going. And so at around 8:30 we pushed off for Stone. Only a few miles but eight locks. Bright n breezy and fairly busy too with a couple of boats in front of us.  Travelled through some lovely rural countryside – here’s bridge 100, a turnover bridge, meaning the ‘Orse could pass up, over and around without being unharnessed from the tow rope.



The Meaford locks (see – Day 10 and on) were lovely, gentle and well cared for. Getting into Stone was a bit breezy and there were 4 boats all vying for the water point & services. One boat (very much in our way) took our suggestion (eventually) to get water at the bottom lock. Letting us get into the spot for the boatyard/chandlers where we summoned Brian to do a pump out! (£15) Several minutes later a vintage tanker/wagon crept around and the job (or jobbies) was done. We finally moored at almost the identical spot to Day 10 just beyond the 5-day mooring spot.

A quick run round the shops (picking up some post at the P.O – yes, poste restante really works) and then it started to rain, so we had to pop into the Swan! A pint of Citra and Green Tea IPA. Yum.  Back for a mushroom & chicken risotto for tea.

Our overly generous data allowance (we went for the biggest and got 32 GB for £28/month – on a rolling one month contract), meant we were awash with GB and so  watched a fillum (Waking Ned – great stuff!).  Seems odd to think that this fillum was coming to us over the mobile phone waves . . .