Day 44 – Pennington Flash Again

With Wigan out of the way and the forecast set for a mini heatwave of 31 degrees (88F) on Tuesday, we headed all of 50 minutes from Dover Lock Inn to Pennington Flash; knowing what a lovely spot it was and how easy it would be for Toby to have a swim. We paused at the lift bridge to use the CRT pump out – not a great fan of the CRT machines as I guess they get a lot of abuse and are often in a poor condition. Made more of a pain as you have to pay £16 for the privilege of using them! However, this one was a joy to use (really ???) as it actually worked and almost silently too. Job(s) done. We raised the electric bridge, again (as we had let Elisiana thru – fellow Yelvertoft boaters!!) and once more held up long queues of traffic! Such fun!

Two swans – a sipping!