Day 24 – Quiet Contemplation

With some of the anxieties behind us we slept in until 0845. A sign that we were more relaxed now. UK politics remain in turmoil and the pound continues to drop to its lowest level for 31 years but we are enjoying our serene spot. Dutton Hall must have some peacocks as we can hear them in the distance. Rain’s coming later but meanwhile, a day of rest before heading off towards Manchester tomorrow.


A morning of cleaning both inside and out for yea, the Thomas is coming next week and all must shine! Then off to walk the dog – we went up to see the peacocks but alas. they were hidden, so back down to Dutton lock . .  in the rain. We met the lock keeper – yes, they keep permanent staff on the Weaver to operate these big hydraulic locks. And yes, it did rain . . 

This lock is huge and can take ships of the thousand tonne range.

It used to be operated by a water turbine – using the water pressure of the difference in the two levels but the polluted Weaver of old put paid to that and hydraulics are now used but the keeper reckoned it may still work, now the waters are clean again.

It was great chatting to her – she even told us about the old hotel boat that finally sank . 

It was a good trek down to these locks and I lamented the lack of pubs nearby. She replied that the Leigh Arms was only a mile away, so off we trekked

This amazing swing bridge at Acton Bridge – I wondered how it worked . .

It seems the small brick house has an engine that pulls on two ropes that are wrapped around the drum under the centre of the bridge … love to see it work.

And on to the pub for a snack and a pint of Robinson’s Bonjeuros – odd but nice.

Hopefully DT can research some better beers for us next week! Cheers!