Day 20 – Kilby to Foxton

There was a nice couple moored in front of us on Toe the Line, we were up and ready to go at 0830 for the 15 locks to Foxton but would definitely prefer sailing in convoy, so we let them gather their senses, have a fry up and then leave together  … at 0940.

We didn’t take many pix as we had come this way before. Much easier going back as we’d done this stretch all on our own some 3 weeks ago. Gosh is it only 3 weeks – seems like we’ve been out for months. Easily losing track of the day now. We arrived at Foxton hours ahead of any plan that we might of had, even though we were following a day-hire boat who’s occupants drove at 1 mph all the way from Saddington tunnel to Foxton. Odd.

Still much to our surprise, Foxton wasn’t that busy, it was late afternoon and so we were added to the Lock keeper’s list of boats. As soon as Life Goes On (also from Yelvertoft) comes down we could go in! Viv was going to drive this time and I’d do the locks!

A big Grockle centre this and a pain to “moor and wait” as opposite to us is a tour boat’s moorings and there are so many others coming and going . .  you can see here the two pubs plus souvenir shop … right off we go Viv . .

Viv did a grand job of driving the 20 ton, 65 feet boat thru all these cavernous lock chambers

all I did was wind up the very easy paddles and chat with the volunteer lock keepers and grockles.  All the gates were opened by young children …good.

Quite a quick uphill climb and a moor up at the visitor moorings along the top level but we had a problem – loud rumblings from the prop and no steering!

No waurez. Boat’s not going anywhere. Up with the stern hatch and open up the weed hatch to reveal a huge square of thick, black plastic neatly collaring the prop – sorted:

After a longish day, time for a remedial pint of Inclined Plane at the Bridge 61 pub and then back for turkey risotto leftovers.

So that’s it, no more locks, we’ve done 144 in total and will have covered around 166 miles. 

We’ll move from here later, after the rain (which has so far failed to arrive) to Welford for the Bank Holiday weather (yes a whole day of rain forecast) and then hopefully some of that remedial painting if we can.

Then it’s back to home at Yelvertoft and then back to the house to try and get it rented out.