Day 14 – Back at Trent Lock

Has it really been a fortnight?  Seems more like a whole month or two?  Had a slight lie in – didn’t start up until 0840. Just a short 2 -3 hr trip from Sandiacre, down the Erewash to Trent Lock and moor on the Trent for the night.  A pint in the Steamboat (oo err, 3 times in a week??) to say Goodbye to Bob & Carolyn – won’t be the same without them!

looks picture – postcard

a happy Viv & dog (both off the boat!)

Not long before we see the power station hoving back into view

Ah, Trent Lock and already the crowd gathers . . 

Could it be the Steamboat pub?  They had Dragon Slayer and a Double Stout (Nottingham brewery and 7.3%). Plus a Turkey roast dinner for £7.95. Time to say our farewell to Bob & Carolyn and moor up for the night.

a very windy spot and a lee shore but nice to be next to a great expanse of water again.