Cruise #2 – a wee start


Well, after 17 nights in Whitstable, helping Mum to sorts all things out (she did make a huge list!) it’s back on the boat for our second cruise of the year.

A nice half pin of Oatmeal stout in the Tankerton Arms on Sunday.

Yes we did a fair bit of cooking and drinking! A nice lasagne – several portions still in your freezer Mum!

Well, the open (water) road is a calling and it’s time to be off . . . .

Not before the doggy gets his swim (and then a good shower afterwards) – when will it ever cool down???

Tha boats all polished. The fridge & larder is all re-vittled. Dog food collected and so we chug off at 3 ish, just an hour away, no sense in rushing, stands to reason. In fact less than a mile, as the crow flies from our mooring. To Crick and some shade.

Tomorrow – through the tunnel and down the Watford flight of locks to a quiet and shady mooring near Welton. Plan A is to head to the Ashby canal, as, well, it is August and the schools are out, holiday hirers will abound and the traffic will surely increase. So find us somewhere quiet and lovely and well, good pubs and what better pub than the George & Dragon in Stoke Golding.