Christmas in Whitstable 

Having spent the last three Christmases on our little liner, it was high time we returned to the bosom of my family and tackled the M’s 1, 25 and 2, to spend a few days with Mum & Dad in their bungalow in Whitstable. It’s always a lovely break with good food and drink plus wonderful walks with the dog, down to the beach vía Admirals Walk or along to the town. Past colourful beach huts and oyster fisheries. We did venture into Sainsbury’s but this was a living hell with long delays to get in the car park and to exit! Still, once down town, i did manage to buy some local fresh cockles. However, I was tempted by the intriguing sign . . 

Viv and Toby outside the Whitstable Oyster Co. at Horsebridge. Showing all the discarded oyster shells.

Viv and Toby outside the Old Neptune.

Scenes of the beaches at low, spring tide. Showing the oyster nets.