Boat Safety & Service

Every boat on the inland waterways needs a 4 yearly “MOT” called a boat safety scheme certificate – just had ours done this morning by Bob, one of our moorers. All very friendly and all passed! A relief and that’s us sorted for the next 4 years.

I also did my own engine service! John (my neighbour) and I have the same make of engine (Isuzu 42), so we agreed to do his and then mine. His one worked fine but there’s not much room in my compartment and no panels to easily remove, so it was tricky removing filters but we got there in the end.

It’s getting very wintery here with temperatures not making double figures even during the day and lots of “feels like” temperatures below zero! So the fire’s on.

Next event is the wedding of Alex (Viv’s nephew) & Nicole next Friday at Nottingham Cathedral, reception at Hambleton Hall, Oakham. Should be good!

Photos to follow!