A Little Stroll

Toby hasn’t had much in the way of walks – not long walks, anyway. So, it being Bank Holiday Monday, we thought we’d avoid the town & crowds and head off down the disused Stafford-Shrewsbury railway. This was a bit boring, well, it was a long and mainly very straight path but we met a local who suggested a detour – a loop around the Windmill hill.

We did walk miles . . .
Pretty much at the top of this loop we came across a footpath that included the edge of someone’s garden – rhododendrons & azaleas
Quite an astonishing find – especially the yellow azaleas – Steve used to grow these and they have a marvellous scent – squirrel gums!
And acres of bluebells
We looked it up and it’s called Broad Hill & it does have an old windmill too.
Native bluebells – such a deep hue of blue