River Avon – normal?

Things look like they’re getting back to normal but …

Compare the two photos of the weir below Netham Lock – over a month ago, the weir was completely submerged, now it looks like a trickle.  The lock was open to through traffic but with the locks above it still closed … traffic there is none.  Fingers crossed for 2 weeks time.



Polishing Mushrooms

Another dry and sunny day – time to return to polishing those mushrooms whilst Steve was polishing his stack.  Engine run for 45 minutes – SIG.

Bedding and utensils on board.  Days are ticking down to the (well, our) maiden voyage.

Keynsham Lock

We’ve had over a week of dry weather and the river Avon seems to be returning to normal – this lock was underwater last time we came here.

Brilliant day & outcome on Tuesday – after a visit to Devizes marina we now have a berth for Adagio (April – September).  Now all we have to do is get her there …

apologies to Viv – the blue line is not her planned course!

well it might be …

Things are beginning to get moving

Well, a good week so far … we have both completed the Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate course, in Bath – thanks to Richard Warren of the K&A Canal Boat Co.  A grand day out in Bath on Saturday.  Sunday saw us back on t’boat in t’sunshine for some wood sanding and vanishing – in the glorious sunshine.

Monday saw Steve back on board for a final coating of varnish.

Tuesday – a flying visit to Devizes Marina (with Rob & Rusty) gave us the good news that they will have a berth for us April -September – hurrah!

The K&A is almost back to normal – with only the first section (Hanham to Saltford) still closed … . 3 weeks to go to the maiden cruise . .

Some hard work

Well, the sun’s out and it has stopped raining for a few days so time to explore the boat some more and get down to washing/polishing the exterior and sanding the wood and polishing the brass.